April 6, 2020

Trump’s Attack On Vote-By-Mail Dangerous and Wrong

Thursday, April 03, 2020

Ryan Thomas
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NEW YORK — Following Donald Trump’s baseless attack on vote-by-mail, Stand Up America Founder and President Sean Eldridge released the following statement:

“Donald Trump’s attack on vote-by-mail is dangerous, wrong, and a blatant attempt to suppress the vote in the middle of a pandemic.

“Vote-my-mail is not about partisanship—it’s about allowing every eligible American to safely cast their ballot. Trump wants voters to have to choose between their health and participating in our democracy.

“Congress must demand better than that and do everything it can to provide states with the resources they need—including at least $2 billion in election assistance funding—to effectively implement vote-by-mail, online registration, and expanded early voting.”

In March, Stand Up America launched a national campaign demanding that Congress provide at least $2 billion in election assistance funding for states to ensure that Americans can safely vote amid the pandemic, driving over 70,000 constituent calls to lawmakers.

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