What we do — and why we do it:

Stand Up America began in the weeks after the 2016 election, when hundreds of thousands of concerned Americans came together to protect our democracy and resist Trump’s dangerous agenda. Our community quickly grew to over two million Americans, across all 50 states, who have driven more than a million constituent calls to lawmakers and contacted tens of millions of our fellow voters.

But Donald Trump is a symptom of the corruption and dysfunction that exists in our political system, not the root cause, and defeating him at the ballot box is not enough to pass a progressive agenda. To make meaningful progress on countless issues, from health care to climate change, we must break down barriers that conservatives have built to block progress.

That’s why Stand Up America is working to build our democracy back better by protecting the right to vote and unrigging a corrupt system that stands in the way of progressive change.

The Stand Up America team is here to provide you with the information and resources you need to take meaningful action and help pass bold democracy reform. Whether it’s an upcoming rally or calling your lawmaker about urgent legislation, we’ll keep you informed about how you can most effectively use your voice to combat corruption and build a more representative democracy.

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How We Do It:

Stand Up America is a digital-forward organization. We run digital campaigns that engage millions of progressives and drive both online and offline action to strengthen our democracy. We believe that virtual organizing and mobilization are essential to securing progressive victory, especially in 2020. To maximize our impact, we rely on digital tools and create online spaces where our volunteers can gather and effect change.

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Stand Up America: By the Numbers

Hundreds of thousands of people in the Stand Up America community have contacted their members of Congress and state legislators by phone,  email, and social media to demand progressive change. We’re a community that knows how to make an impact.

2,000,000+ Progressives

7,000+ Organizing Team Volunteers

36,000,000+ Voters Reached

125,000+ Voting Plans Made

1,300,000+ Calls to Lawmakers

140,000+ GOTV Letters to Voters

10,000+ Letters to the Editor

53,000+ Activist Emails

75,000+ Protestors Mobilized

19,000+ Grassroots Donors


Stand Up America is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit funded by our founder and president, Sean Eldridge, his husband, Chris Hughes, and over 15,000 grassroots donors.

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