What we do — and why we do it:

Stand Up America began in the weeks after the 2016 election, when hundreds of thousands of concerned Americans came together online to organize and resist Trump’s dangerous agenda. Our community has quickly grown to over two million Americans, across all 50 states, who are taking action and making their voices heard daily.

We’re focused on standing up to corruption and strengthening our democracy across the country.

The Stand Up America team is here to provide you with the information and resources you need to take meaningful action. Whether it’s an upcoming protest or calling your lawmaker about urgent legislation, we’ll keep you informed about how you can most effectively use your voice to protect our democracy and resist the dangerous and misguided policies of the current administration. Sign up here to receive regular communications from us.

The fights ahead won’t be easy, but we’re proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

Stand Up America: By the Numbers

Hundreds of thousands of people in the Stand Up America community have contacted their member of Congress or state legislator by phone, fax, email, and social media to resist Trump’s dangerous agenda, stand up to his administration’s corruption, and strengthen our democracy across the country.

2,500,000+ Progressives
2,830,000+ Peer-to-Peer Texts
1,085,000+ Calls to Lawmakers
140,000+ Faxes Sent
115,000+ Activist Tweets
75,000+ Protestors Mobilized
35,000+ Activist Emails
15,000+ Grassroots Donors


Stand Up America is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit funded by our founder and president, Sean Eldridge, his husband, Chris Hughes, and over 15,000 grassroots donors.

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