Trump-Russia Roundup: February 28 – March 6

Cohen’s explosive testimonies have led Congress to launch their biggest investigations into Trump’s corruption and obstruction yet. Read all about it:

Today, one week after his bombshell public testimony, Michael Cohen was back on the Hill. This time, behind closed doors.

Cohen reportedly came carrying proof that Trump’s lawyers told him to lie about the timeline of the lucrative Trump Tower Moscow deal.

That would be obstruction of justice and conspiracy to commit perjury — aka a BFD.

This comes on the heels of everything we learned last week. During his five-hour hearing, Cohen implicated Trump in crime after crime, from directing hush money payments, to tax fraud, to colluding with Kremlin-linked WikiLeaks during the 2016 election.

House Democrats are now using Cohen’s testimony as fuel to advance investigations into Trump’s corruption and obstruction, demanding documents from more than 80 people and institutions connected to Trump.

Keep tabs on both the Mueller and the House investigations in our latest Trump-Russia Roundup:

Associated Press: Cohen turns over documents on Moscow project to House panel
Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, turned over documents to the House intelligence committee on Wednesday that show edits to a false written statement he gave to the panel in 2017 about a Trump real estate project in Moscow.

Vice News: Michael Cohen Implicated Trump In At Least 11 Different Felonies
Congressional investigators poring over the transcripts from Michael Cohen’s testimony say Trump appears to have engaged in crimes — and they now have an astonishing number of leads to follow.

The New York Times: With Sweeping Document Request, Democrats Launch Broad Trump Corruption Inquiry
The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee delivered a flurry of demands for documents from the executive branch and the broader Trump world on Monday that detailed the breadth and ambition of a new investigation into possible obstruction of justice, corruption and abuse of power by Trump and his administration.

The Washington Post: House Democrats demand documents from more than 80 people and institutions affiliated with Trump
“We will act quickly to gather this information, assess the evidence, and follow the facts where they lead with full transparency with the American people,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) said in a statement.

The New Yorker: Adam Schiff hires a former prosecutor to lead the Trump investigation
The hiring of Goldman, who will be joined by two other former federal prosecutors on Schiff’s staff, underlines Schiff’s decision to conduct an aggressive investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The Washington Post: Former Trump adviser says he does not plan to cooperate with House Judiciary inquiry
A former campaign aide for Trump, one of 81 people to receive a request for documents this week from the House Judiciary Committee, has already informed the committee that he has no records responsive to their inquiries and he does not plan to testify in front of the panel.

USA Today: Don’t cover up Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation. We need to know everything he finds.
If the attorney general refuses to release the Mueller report, it would be a colossal cover-up on the order of Watergate. That cannot be permitted to happen.

Reuters: U.S. attorney general will not recuse himself from Mueller probe
U.S. Attorney General William Barr will not recuse himself from overseeing Mueller’s investigation into Russian attacks on the 2016 election and possible links between Trump’s campaign and Moscow, a Justice Department spokeswoman said on Monday.

That’s it (for now!). It’s all real news. Nothing fake here.

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