The Roundup: August 22-28

The August congressional recess is winding down, but momentum for a formal impeachment inquiry continues to surge — thanks to constituents publicly pressuring their lawmakers to hold Trump accountable for his corruption. 

There are now 135 representatives who have called for an impeachment inquiry — nearly triple the congressional support since Stand Up America first began advocating for impeachment in May. During Impeachment August alone, our community convinced 17 new House members to support opening a formal inquiry — including Rep. Bill Foster, who announced his support just this morning! Progressives like you attended town halls and events across the country and made their voices heard, and the numbers prove that lawmakers are listening. 

Meanwhile, during a news conference at the G7 summit in France, Trump continued to undermine our Constitution and the rule of law. He spent over two and a half minutes touting his golf course in Miami as a “magnificent” venue for next year’s multimillion dollar conference of world leaders. While this isn’t the first time Trump has ignored the Constitution’s emoluments clause, it’s certainly the most flagrant and grandiose case — and emphasizes his willingness to profit from the presidency and funnel millions in foreign and taxpayer dollars into his bank account. That’s wrong — and it’s illegal.

The emoluments clause bars public officials from receiving gifts or cash from foreign or state governments — a line that Trump consistently crosses when he encourages world leaders to curry his favor by paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to stay at his many properties. While Trump claims the presidency is losing him millions of dollars, he never divested from his business holdings and continues to profit from both foreign and domestic government spending at his many properties. Should he get his way, hosting the next G7 summit at the Doral Resort would funnel millions more into his pocket.

The G7 summit was yet another affirmation of Trump’s corruption and outright scorn for democratic norms and principles on an international scale. It’s more important than ever that every member of the House takes a stand and publicly supports holding Trump accountable through a formal impeachment inquiry. 

Stay on top of this week’s most important stories:

Newsweek: House Democrats have been joining impeachment ranks after becoming targets of grassroots coalition
The growing number of House Democrats backing an inquiry during the 6-week hiatus — a time when all is quiet on Capitol Hill and congressional probes into the White House have remained largely dormant, aside from court proceedings — shows that members have likely responded to increased pressure from voters back home at public events and town halls.

Politico: House Judiciary Committee subpoenas ex-White House aide Rob Porter
The House Judiciary Committee issued a subpoena to former White House staff secretary Rob Porter, a key witness in former special counsel Robert Mueller’s obstruction of justice investigation into Trump, as the panel weighs whether to recommend articles of impeachment.

The Hill: Nadler files motion to expedite lawsuit seeking McGahn testimony
“McGahn’s refusal to testify harms the Judiciary Committee by depriving it of a witness and information that are essential to its investigation, thereby impeding the Judiciary Committee’s ability” to conduct “the most urgent duty the House can face: determining whether to approve articles of impeachment.”

The New York Times: Trump Has Just the Place for the Next G7 Meeting: His Own Golf Resort
In suggesting that the next Group of 7 summit of world leaders should be at his own luxury golf resort in Miami, Trump put the most glaring spotlight to date on his willingness to flout the ethical boundaries that have historically constrained activities that mix for-profit business and the presidency.

NBC News: Trump promotes his ‘magnificent’ Florida club for next G-7 meeting
Trump defended the idea of hosting next year’s G-7 summit at his Miami golf resort, insisting he would not profit off the venture. Throughout his presidency, Trump has come under scrutiny for how often he visits Trump-branded properties, which in turn leads to tax dollars being spent at his businesses.

The Washington Post: Barr books Trump’s hotel for $30,000 holiday party
Last month, Attorney General Barr booked Trump’s D.C. hotel for a 200-person holiday party in December that is likely to deliver Trump’s business more than $30,000 in revenue. Barr’s decision to book his boss’s hotel marks the latest collision between Trump’s administration and his business, from which he still benefits financially.

Newsweek: Donald Trump has spent nearly a third of his presidency visiting his business properties at taxpayer expense: report
According to a new report by the government watchdog group Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington, Trump has visited his properties 362 times at taxpayer expense since his inauguration in 2017. So far in 2019, Trump’s made 81 trips to his business properties.

The New York Times: Deutsche Bank Tells Court It Has Some Tax Returns Related to Trump Inquiry
Although the identities of the people or organizations were redacted in the publicly available document, current and former bank officials have said Deutsche Bank has portions of Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns for multiple years as part of the reams of financial data it has collected over its two-decade relationship with him. The bank’s lawyers also said Deutsche Bank “has such documents related to parties not named in the subpoenas but who may constitute ‘immediate family’ within the definition provided in the subpoenas.”

NBC News: Deutsche Bank discloses it has tax returns tied to Trump sought by House committees
In a court filing related to subpoenas from two House committees, Deutsche Bank said it possessed tax returns — which may be related to Trump, his immediate family or their company, the Trump Organization — that it would have to hand over if it complied with the subpoenas.