Former special counsel Robert Mueller appeared before Congress to affirm the evidence of shocking criminal wrongdoing found during his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and Trump’s obstruction of justice to cover it up. Mueller found at least 10 episodes of obstruction by Trump, and the investigation resulted in 37 criminal indictments and at least 7 guilty pleas and convictions. 

Here are three major takeaways from his appearance before the House: 

1. Mueller clearly stated under oath that the report does NOT exonerate Trump of crimes:

2. Mueller confirmed at least three times during the hearing that Trump could be charged with criminal obstruction of justice once he leaves office:

3. Mueller made it clear that not only did Russia interfere in the 2016 election, they’re already working to do it again:

Here’s the bottom line: If any other American obstructed justice as blatantly as Donald Trump, they’d be heading to jail. Help us share that fundamental truth with our fellow Americans.  


Trump broke the law. Mueller’s investigation found 140+ ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government and at least 10 episodes of obstruction of justice, from trying to stop the investigation by firing FBI Director Comey to ordering his aides to lie about his attempts to fire Mueller. Mueller left it up to Congress to hold Trump accountable. It’s time for Congress to stand up for our democracy by opening an impeachment inquiry.