January 3, 2019 Resistance

How we’ll take on Trump, defend the truth, and strengthen our democracy in 2019

This week we celebrate not only a new year, but also a new Congress!

Around this time two years ago, Trump was sworn into office. Now, a new generation of progressive leaders are being sworn into office. They’re quickly getting to work to reopen the government, stand up to Trump’s corruption and protect our democracy.

New leadership presents us with new, bold opportunities to hold Trump accountable.

Our core mission at Stand Up America remains the same: We’re committed to resisting Trump’s dangerous agenda and advancing progressive values. The difference today is that we’re no longer playing defense. We now have meaningful, proactive ways to stand up to Trump’s corruption and strengthen our democracy.

In 2019, we’ll prioritize three core fights:

Since 2017, the Stand Up America community has been leading the charge to protect the investigations into Trump’s ties to Russia and Putin’s attack on our democracy.

No matter what Trump says, no one is above the law in the United States of America — not even the president — and we will not allow his relentless attacks on the investigation to go unanswered.

Thankfully, the law is closing in on Trump and his inner circle. Mueller’s investigation has already resulted in more than 190 criminal charges and secured guilty pleas from Trump’s campaign chairman, deputy campaign manager, personal foreign policy advisors, and even his former attorney and personal “fixer.”

This year, you’ll continue to hear from us when developments in the investigation break and your voice is needed most. We’ll also demand that members of this new Congress use every tool at their disposal to protect the investigation, from subpoenaing key witnesses to passing bipartisan legislation that would block Trump from firing Mueller.

And we’re still standing ready to protect the rule of law. Last year, we mobilized thousands of progressives across the country and took to the streets to defend the investigation. This year, we won’t hesitate to do it again if Trump derails the investigation further, fires Mueller, or pardons key witnesses.

2019 could be the most important year yet for Mueller’s investigation. That’s why we need you to continue taking action. Find out more about what’s ahead for the Trump-Russia probe and what you can do to help protect it:

We’re living through the most corrupt and self-serving administration in history. From day one, Trump’s put his pocketbook first, and the American people last. No one should profit from the presidency, but that’s exactly what Trump is doing.

We cannot allow Trump’s corruption to go unanswered. With a new Congress, we can finally get to the truth and hold Trump and his cronies accountable.

We’re calling on Congress to immediately release Trump’s tax returns, and to expose the truth about his corruption, his foreign entanglements, and his massive conflicts of interest. They have the power to do it — and they must use it.

By pocketing foreign money at his hotels and refusing to divest from his businesses, Trump is violating the Constitution and exposing himself to manipulation by our enemies. Congress must investigate Trump’s foreign entanglements to protect our country.

Trump isn’t just pocketing foreign cash. He’s taking ours, too. Trump’s frequent, government-funded visits to his own properties not only drain taxpayer dollars, they put our tax dollars in his pocket. Every visit adds up, from government spending on accommodations and events to over $100,000 in taxpayer dollars on golf cart rentals alone!

This year, we’re demanding that Congress use its subpoena and oversight powers to expose Trump’s corruption and conflicts of interest. Will you join us in this fight? Take a stand against Trump and his cronies’ rampant corruption today:

Far too many Americans have lost faith in our government. Corruption, foreign attacks, gerrymandering, barriers to voting, and unlimited corporate political spending have left most of us feeling like the system is rigged against us.

If we want to see action on the critical issues facing our country, from climate change to gun control to universal health care, then we must fix our broken political system first.

Fortunately, a new Congress and state legislatures offer real opportunities to strengthen our democracy on the local and federal levels.

That’s why the first major proposal this new Democratic House will put forward is a sweeping reform package. HR1 would repair our broken democracy by reducing the influence of corporate money in politics, increasing voter participation, and cracking down on corruption.

We need to make sure that HR1 remains a bold and progressive reform package that doesn’t get watered down by special interests and lawmakers in the pocket of big corporations.

Join us in demanding an anti-corruption package that increases transparency, protects every American’s right to vote, and reduces the influence of corporate money in our politics. Learn more about HR1 and take action to protect our democracy:

I’m looking forward to working with you as we continue our fight to protect the Trump-Russia investigation, tackle Trump’s corruption, and strengthen our democracy.

Let’s make 2019 the best yet for the Resistance.

Sean Eldridge
Founder and President, Stand Up America