We Rallied in All 50 States

On December 17, 2019, activists in all 50 states took to the streets to demand Donald Trump’s impeachment. Hundreds of thousands of progressives showed up to over 600 rallies to send a clear message to Congress: Trump broke the law, and he must be impeached and removed.

Stand Up America community members rallied in big cities and small towns, from coast to coast, taking a stand for our democracy. Here are some highlights of the people power we saw in action:

Portland, Maine

Montgomery, Alabama

St. Petersburg, Florida

Portland, Oregon

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Oakland, California

Eugene, Oregon

Dallas, Texas

Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Palm Springs, California

North Port, Florida


The House charged Donald Trump with abuses of power and obstruction of Congress and voted to impeach him. Every day Trump remains in the White House, he threatens our democracy and national security. Tell your senators to vote to convict and remove Trump from office.