May 12, 2020

Progressive Groups to SCOTUS: Tell Trump He’s Not Above The Law

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, as the Supreme Court of the United States hears oral arguments in three cases related to Donald Trump’s finances, a coalition of progressive groups including Americans for Tax Fairness, Demand Justice, Stand Up America, and Tax March issued the following joint statement:

“After spending years hiding his finances from the American people, including his personal and business tax returns, Donald Trump is now facing multiple criminal and congressional investigations into his corrupt business practices and potential crimes. Today, he’s attempting to use his allies on the highest court to block these efforts to hold him accountable.

“Trump has gone to unprecedented lengths to obstruct these investigations into possible illegal activity and hide his financial entanglements from the public—and too often the Supreme Court has enabled rather than stood up to his abuses of power. It is critical that the Court grant federal and state investigators access to his financial records and tax returns so that Trump is held accountable for profiting off the presidency and for his possible criminal conduct.

“The American people deserve transparency from the highest levels of our government, and a Supreme Court that will unanimously stand up to a deeply corrupt president.

“We implore the justices to send a clear message to Donald Trump: Nobody—not even the president of the United States—is above the law.”

Additional Background:

In the three cases set to be argued next week, Trump is asking the Supreme Court to stop two House committees and the Manhattan District Attorney from accessing his tax returns and other financial documents. Trump’s lawyers have made clear they believe Trump is above the law, arguing that while he is president, Trump could not be prosecuted for literally committing murder in public and that Congress cannot investigate him for potential criminal behavior.

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Chris Fleming, Americans for Tax Fairness/Red Horse Strategies
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Colin Diersing, Demand Justice
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Ryan Thomas, Stand Up America
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Anushka Sarkar, Tax March
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