July 3, 2019 Press Releases

Trump’s Tax Returns — It’s Been 45 Days Since Neal Said He’d Take Action

45 Days After Mnuchin Ignored Subpoenas for Trump’s Taxes, Stand Up America Demands Chairman Neal Immediately File Lawsuit

NEW YORK — After six months of House Democrats’ go-slow strategy for obtaining Donald Trump’s tax returns, Stand Up America is renewing calls for our House Ways Chairman Richard Neal to immediately take the Treasury Department to court for illegally blocking the legitimate request for their release. It’s now been 45 days since Congress took action on Trump’s tax returns—and the American people deserve answers about Trump’s conflicts of interest, not more delays.

The renewed efforts will include digital organizing, including emails and SMS messages to constituents in the districts of House Ways and Means Committee members urging them to pressure Neal to immediately move forward with a lawsuit. Previously, Stand Up America’s volunteers sent SMS messages to constituents in Chairman Neal’s district (MA-01) urging them to call his congressional office to demand he immediately file the lawsuit for Trump’s personal and business tax returns.

“The American people need to know  what Donald Trump is hiding—and those answers lie in Trump’s tax returns. The House of Representatives handed Chairman Neal the power to take Secretary Mnuchin to court to get Trump’s taxes weeks ago—but he continues to needlessly delay the process,” said Stand Up America spokesperson Ryan Thomas. “We implore Neal to move forward with this lawsuit immediately.”

Despite House Democrats saying that Trump’s tax returns would be a top priority at the start of the new Congress, they held the majority for three months before Chairman Neal sent the initial request to the Treasury Department. It’s now been more than 89 days since that request was made and 49 days since Secretary Mnuchin failed to comply with congressional subpoenas for the tax returns.

Earlier this year, Stand Up America joined several progressive groups in sending a letter to Chairman Neal demanding he immediately request Donald Trump’s personal and business tax returns from the Treasury Department. Since the launch of the campaign, Stand Up America and coalition partners have driven more than 10,000 constituent calls and thousands of emails and tweets urging House Democrats to take swift action to obtain and release Trump’s tax returns. Other organizations have also coordinated billboards in Chairman Neal’s district imploring him to move more quickly.

Recent polling shows that 58 percent of Americans support congressional efforts to obtain Trump’s tax returns from the Treasury Department.

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