What We’re Fighting For

If we want real change in our country, we must dismantle the barriers to progress that conservatives have built over decades to tilt the system in their favor at the local, state, and federal levels.

That’s why Stand Up America is working to unrig our political system that currently gives conservative, corporate and largely white voices outsized influence in our politics. We’re fighting to unrig our courts, end gerrymandering, and pass campaign finance reforms that will make elected officials responsive to the voters in their district — not the “donor class.” We’re working to pass D.C. statehood to give the people of D.C. voting representation in Congress. We’re also organizing to enact a National Popular Vote to ensure that the candidate with the most votes nationwide becomes our president.

Only by creating a more fair and equitable political system will we be able to pass progressive policies that protect our civil and human rights, keep us and our planet safe and healthy, and build a fair economy for all.

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Our Past Work

The New York TRUST Act

In 2019, we fought for the successful passage of the TRUST Act: a historic bill that allows Congress to request up to 6 years of Trump’s state tax returns from the State of New York. This legislation gives Congress the ability to access more of Trump’s tax information than ever before. This is a huge step towards transparency for the American people and exposing Trump’s conflicts of interest and foreign entanglements.


Campaign Finance Reform in NY State

The Stand Up America community was one of the loudest voices demanding that the New York State Legislature pass bold campaign finance reform. We sent 2,500+ emails to the commission tasked with fixing New York state’s campaign finance laws and nearly 200 letters to the editors of newspapers across New York State. In December 2019, the commission released its final report. Despite some drawbacks, the commission’s binding recommendations will significantly lower contribution limits and implement a robust public matching system for small-dollar donations. Read more here. 

Campaign Finance Reform in New Mexico

Stand Up America volunteers texted over 40,000 voters in New Mexico urging them to vote for an innovative ballot measure call Burque Bucks, which would have given Albuquerque voters democracy dollars they could donate to the municipal candidate of their choice. While the measure was narrowly defeated, it gained national attention and could serve as a model for other states and cities looking to give working families a louder voice in local elections.

Tax Fight

In 2017, the Stand Up America community called Congress more than 50,000 times to oppose Trump’s tax scam and fight for an economy that works for all Americans, not just the wealthy few.

Next Fight

What We Accomplished in 2020

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