What We’re Fighting For

Stand Up America is working to end undemocratic barriers to voting at the local, state, and federal levels and combat voter suppression that disproportionately targets people of color. Expanding access to the ballot box helps ensure that our electorate is truly representative of our nation and builds the progressive power we need to make real change. It increases our chances of achieving universal healthcare, racial and economic justice, common-sense gun safety legislation, immigration reform, and real climate action.

In 2020, we helped pass automatic voter registration in the New York Legislature, and we worked to protect access to the ballot box during the pandemic from Wisconsin to Florida. Our volunteers organized to make sure every American has a voice by registering voters across the country, re-registering voters who had been purged from the rolls, and helping millions of Americans navigate the voting process in one of the most complicated elections in recent memory.

In 2021, we’ll be fighting for urgently-needed reforms at the federal level, including restoring the Voting Rights Act and passing the For the People Act, a sweeping voter participation and anti-corruption package.

And though federal politics might receive more attention, the path to a democracy that works for all of us also runs through our states and cities, where we’ll continue fighting for bold reforms that increase voter participation and combat voter suppression — reforms like automatic voter registration, Election Day registration, and ending felony disenfranchisement.

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Our Past Work

The Fight for Secure Elections

Since the 2016 presidential election, multiple reports confirmed that Russia hacked our election systems in all 50 states. To safeguard our democracy, states needed federal funding to prevent cyberattacks from hostile foreign actors — but the funding was stalled for months in the Senate. To help pass this funding, the Stand Up America community made over 120,000 calls, wrote letters to the editor, visited lawmakers’ offices, and sent thousands of emails and tweets, urging elected officials to prioritize this funding. And our campaign succeeded: In December 2019, the House and the Senate came together and allocated $425 million in election security funding. Read more here.

Next Fight

Unrigging Our Corrupt System

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Read about Stand Up America’s role in helping defeat Trump at the ballot box -- and where we go from here to pass a progressive agenda and build a more representative democracy.