What We’re Fighting For

Donald Trump is an existential threat to our democracy. The Senate failed to remove him, so it’s up to us to vote him out this November — and hold Republican senators accountable for failing to protect our democracy. 

This year, we’ll be registering voters and helping to get out the vote in key states to defeat Trump, flip the Senate, and pass critical democracy reforms at the ballot box. That’s the only way we can stop Trump’s corrupt agenda, strengthen our democracy, and enact progressive policies.

And we need the help of every member of the Stand Up America community to get it done.


The Stand Up America community has driven over a million calls to lawmakers on local and national issues — from demanding an impeachment inquiry and election security funding to pushing for automatic voter registration and campaign finance reform. 

In this critical election year, we’re ramping up our efforts in a big way. We’ll be texting and using other innovative tactics to reach out to our fellow voters across the country — and we need your help!

It’s a flexible commitment that can accomodate all sorts of schedules. Join us today:

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Standing Up to Corruption

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Demand Congress Fund Vote-By-Mail

The COVID-19 pandemic poses an enormous threat to our democracy. We need Congress to allocate $4 billion now to expand vote-by-mail, early voting, and online voter registration. Call your senator now:

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