What We’re Fighting For

Donald Trump is an existential threat to our democracy. It’s up to us to vote him out this November, hold Republican senators accountable for failing to protect our democracy, and build progressive majorities in state legislatures.

This year, we’ll be registering voters — with a focus on those most impacted by racist barriers to entry and working to get out the vote in key states. 

We must mobilize like never before to stop Trump’s attacks on our democracy and enact progressive change, and we’ll need the help of every member of the Stand Up America community to get it done.

Find upcoming opportunities for action near you or read about our ongoing campaigns.

Next Fight

Unrigging Our Corrupt System

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There are so many ways to get involved this year -- from texting to make sure people know how to vote safely to getting ready to protect the results of the election. Take a minute to explore and find the right action for you!