What We’re Fighting For

Americans deserve elected officials who put their constituents first, but we have seen Trump advance his own financial interests at the expense of the American people again and again. It’s up to all of us to stand up to the endemic corruption in the Trump White House, which is why we’re fighting for transparency about Trump’s financial entanglements and his profiting from the presidency. 

We’re demanding Congress use every tool at their disposal to provide Americans with the transparency they deserve. Trump has repeatedly failed to comply with lawful requests for financial details about his business and personal holdings — what’s he hiding? 

Trump vs. the Emoluments Clause

Since day one, Trump has leveraged his public office to profit from the presidency at the expense of American taxpayers. Unlike prior presidents, Trump refused to divest himself from his businesses and continues to directly benefit from any profits they accrue. Trump takes advantage of this by funneling official government business through his properties, both domestically and abroad, for his own financial gain.

Trump has spent nearly a third of his presidency at his own properties — over 300 days — with those properties charging the U.S. federal government for expenses incurred by his security detail and other staff. He’s also steered administration, government, and military officials to stay at his resorts, driving millions more in taxpayer dollars to his businesses. For example, in September 2019, Trump demanded Mike Pence stay at his Doonbeg resort in Ireland, despite Pence’s meetings being across the country, 180 miles away. The U.S. Air Force has also propped up his failing Turnberry resort in Scotland by redirecting refueling routes.

Dozens of foreign governments spend money at Trump properties as a means of currying favor. To date, 127 foreign officials from 72 foreign governments have visited Trump-owned properties, putting money directly into his pocket.

Further, in October 2019, the White House announced that Trump’s Doral resort in Miami would be the site of the 2020 G7 summit. Although the decision was reversed in the face of public outcry, the multimillion-dollar conference of world leaders would’ve funneled millions of foreign and U.S. government dollars directly into Trump’s pocket — and would’ve propped up yet another of his failing businesses.

Not only does this unethical behavior raise serious concerns about the motivations behind Trump’s policies, it is also illegal. Trump’s actions violate the Emoluments Clauses of the Constitution, which forbid a president from receiving anything of value from foreign governments, the federal government, or individual states.

Demanding Trump’s Tax Returns

Stand Up America has helped lead the charge in the fight for Trump’s tax returns since day one, from mobilizing nationwide for the Tax March to contacting our representatives to demand action. After our community made over 10,000 phone calls to Congress, the House Ways and Means Committee finally sued the Trump administration for failing to comply with a subpoena for Trump’s tax returns. Earlier this year, we were the loudest grassroots community in New York supporting legislation that makes Trump’s state taxes available to Congress. We are demanding that Chairman Neal use this new law to obtain Trump’s New York State taxes to provide the American people the transparency they deserve. Read more about the presidential tax tradition and our fight to obtain Trump’s tax returns:

Our Past Work

The New York TRUST Act

In 2019, we fought for the successful passage of the TRUST Act: a historic bill that allows Congress to request up to 6 years of Trump’s state tax returns from the State of New York. This legislation gives Congress the ability to access more of Trump’s tax information than ever before. This is a huge step towards transparency for the American people and exposing Trump’s conflicts of interest and foreign entanglements.


Tax Fight

In 2017, the Stand Up America community called Congress more than 50,000 times to oppose Trump’s tax scam and fight for an economy that works for all Americans, not just the wealthy few.

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