Join the Call Team!

In 2020, we have an historic opportunity to defeat Donald Trump and his agenda at the polls and pass bold democracy-strengthening ballot initiatives at the state level. Join Stand Up America to call eligible voters with resources to register them to vote in their upcoming elections! 

Why make calls?

Making calls is an easy way to connect with eligible voters — even when you can’t connect in person. Studies show that phone calls made by real people can increase voter turnout by 2 to 3%. To put that in context, in 2016, the presidential margin of victory in eight states was less than 3%. This year, we want to make sure every eligible American votes and phone banking is one of the most impactful ways you can do that from your home.

Follow the three steps below to get started making calls:

  1. Read our step by step training guide or watch our video to learn how to make calls. 
  2. Join our Stand Up America Organizing Team on Slack to find out about phone banking opportunities, get support, and meet other volunteers. 
  3. Click here to log in to ThruTalk and start calling!

Additional Resources

Step by Step Set Up Instructions
Recording Responses Guide
Stand Up America ThruTalk Log In
Stand Up America Organizing Team Slack
Additional Caller Information & FAQ Page


There are so many ways to get involved this year -- from texting to make sure people know how to vote safely to getting ready to protect the results of the election. Take a minute to explore and find the right action for you!