Join our growing team!

We’re looking to fill empty desks in New York with talented progressives who are passionate about digital organizing and taking the fight to Trump’s doorstep. Interested?

Here are the roles we are currently looking to fill:

Social Media Strategist

Location: New York, NY

We’re looking for a social media strategist to join our growing team.

This is your opportunity to make a real difference in 2018 by organizing one of the largest social media communities in politics and deploying content that captures attention and drives action.

You will:

• Develop and implement social growth and engagement strategies

• Connect viral content with meaningful opportunities to take action

• Monitor social discovery tools for important Resistance content

• Draft and deploy planned Twitter content

• Draft and deploy planned Facebook content

• Collaborate with our designer on social graphics and video content

• Curate and clip Snapstream content

• Respond to supporters’ meaningful inquiries and comments on Facebook and Twitter

• Identify and share insights to inform organizing and acquisition strategies

• Participate in team brainstorms and creative planning meetings

• Develop relationships with progressive social influencers to amplify key messages

• Collaborate with our partnerships director on shareable content

• Report directly to the digital director and work closely with Stand Up’s senior team

You have:

• A proven track record of running successful social media campaigns

• Experience deploying timely content during rapid response scenarios

• Worked in high-stress advocacy or electoral environments

• A deep understanding of Facebook and Twitter

• Familiarity with other social media platforms

• Drafted and deployed content for surrogates or high-profile personalities

• Crafted personal stories that drive meaningful action

• Used social media to drive capacity for small or large-scale events

You are:

• Obsessed with great social content

• Passionate about progressive values and defeating Trump’s agenda

• Fired up for the midterm elections and determined to win

• Eager to test new organizing tools and learn new skills

• A sharp writer who knows how to use stories to drive action

• Fun to work with (!!) and a true team player

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience required. Salary commensurate with experience. Stand Up America offers full and competitive benefit packages. Diverse candidates strongly encouraged to apply.

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to [email protected].


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