Demanding Impeachment

Mueller’s investigation uncovered serious criminal conduct, including at least ten episodes of obstruction of justice by the president. It’s time to support an impeachment inquiry to air the evidence found by Mueller and hold Trump accountable.

Strengthening Our Democracy

The corrosive corruption in our politics has led far too many Americans to lose faith in our government. It’s up to all of us to stand up and demand the democracy that we deserve.

Standing Up to Corruption

We’re living with the most corrupt and self-serving White House in history. Every day, Trump puts his pocketbook first and the American people last. Enough is enough.


Trump broke the law. The Mueller report exposed an enormous amount of criminal activity, including 10 episodes of Trump obstructing justice. Trump continues to flout the Constitution by illegally using his elected office to enrich himself with foreign government spending and our tax dollars. If anyone else engaged in even a fraction of this criminal behavior, they’d be headed to prison. We need every representative to stand up for our democracy and publicly support the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump.