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Stand Up America has defended the rule of law and the Mueller investigation from the very beginning. Our community was one of the loudest advocacy voices protecting the special counsel’s two-year investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia and his obstruction of justice. We made over 150,000 calls to Congress and mobilized over 100,000 people to protest in cities across America in support of the special counsel investigation.

We can’t ignore the crimes that the Mueller report revealed. Mueller’s investigation resulted in 37 indictments and at least seven convictions and guilty pleas, including Trump’s national security advisor, campaign chairman, and personal lawyer. It uncovered over a hundred secret meetings and communications between Trump’s campaign and individuals linked to the Kremlin, and 10+ episodes of obstruction of justice by Trump in an attempt to bury the truth.

Nearly every day, new evidence surfaces of Trump using his elected office to pillage taxpayer dollars for himself and his family and encourage foreign bribes. No one should profit from the presidency — but that’s exactly what Trump is doing through his constant visits to his properties and his blatant encouragement of U.S. and foreign government spending at his resorts around the world. It’s unprecedented, it’s outrageous, and it’s illegal. 

If any other American engaged in this behavior, they’d be heading to prison. It’s time for every member of Congress to publicly voice their support for the formal  impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump.

Click here to read more about the evidence of Trump’s crimes and corruption and why it’s more important than ever to support the impeachment inquiry to hold him accountable.

Call to Demand Impeachment 

If any other American broke the law as blatantly as Trump, they would be headed to prison. Demand your representative stand up for our democracy and publicly support the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump.

Does Your Rep Support an Impeachment Inquiry?

We’re supporting the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump to air the evidence of his corruption and crimes. There are 435 members of the House of Representatives, where the impeachment inquiry has formally begun. We’re tracking where each rep stands. Learn if your rep supports the formal impeachment inquiry:

Trump is Not Above the Law

The findings of the Mueller investigation have prompted nearly a dozen other probes into Trump’s criminal enterprise. Stay on top of Trump and his cronies’ crimes and corruption with our weekly Roundup, where we bring you the latest news on all of the ongoing Trump investigations.

Our Past Work: Protecting the Trump-Russia Investigation

We partnered with a coalition of organizations to ensure Mueller’s investigation was protected as he closed in on the truth and delivered indictments to members of Trump’s inner circle. We’ve made over 150,000 calls to Congress and mobilized 100,000+ protesters in cities across America in pursuit of the truth — and continue to protect the ongoing investigations that have stemmed from Mueller’s probe.

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Trump broke the law. The Mueller report exposed an enormous amount of criminal activity, including 10 episodes of Trump obstructing justice. Trump continues to flout the Constitution by illegally using his elected office to enrich himself with foreign government spending and our tax dollars. If anyone else engaged in even a fraction of this criminal behavior, they’d be headed to prison. We need every representative to stand up for our democracy and publicly support the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump.