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Trump abused his public office for personal and political gain when he pressured Ukraine to interfere in our upcoming 2020 election by investigating Joe Biden. We also know that one week before his infamous call with the Ukrainian president, Trump froze $400 million in taxpayer-funded foreign and military aid that had already been approved by Democrats and Republicans in Congress as a way to pressure Ukraine to comply with his demand. 

Then, Trump and his team orchestrated a massive cover-up, acting in ways that show they knew what he did was wrong. They “locked down” all transcripts of the phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine in a highly restricted intelligence file, and they tried to illegally block a whistleblower report from being sent to Congress. Now Trump is openly trying to intimidate the whistleblower and is attempting to illegally expose their identity.

Two different Trump-appointed senior officials in the intelligence community looked into Trump’s behavior and found it so concerning that they both independently asked the Department of Justice to consider criminal prosecution. But Trump’s hand-picked attorney general refused to open an investigation.

These actions are unprecedented, outrageous, and impeachable. If any other American engaged in this behavior, they’d be heading to prison. Nobody is above the law — which is why Congress must swiftly draft articles of impeachment and vote to impeach Donald Trump. 

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Call to Demand Impeachment 

If any other American broke the law as blatantly as Trump, they would be headed to prison. Demand your representative stand up for our democracy and publicly support Donald Trump’s impeachment.


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Our Past Work: Protecting the Trump-Russia Investigation

We partnered with a coalition of organizations to ensure Mueller’s investigation was protected as he closed in on the truth and delivered indictments to members of Trump’s inner circle. We’ve made over 150,000 calls to Congress and mobilized 100,000+ protesters in cities across America in pursuit of the truth — and continue to protect the ongoing investigations that have stemmed from Mueller’s probe.

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We now know that Trump used military aid to pressure Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 election by smearing Joe Biden. Then Trump and his team orchestrated a massive cover-up to hide the evidence of his wrongdoing. Nobody is above the law. If anyone else engaged in this criminal behavior, they’d be headed to prison. Congress must swiftly draft articles of impeachment and vote to impeach Donald Trump.