What We’re Fighting For

If we want to make progress on the critical issues facing our country, from health care and climate change to economic fairness, immigration, and gun control, then we must fix our broken political system first. That’s why we’re working to strengthen our democracy at the state and federal level by increasing voter participation, reducing the influence of money in politics, and protecting our elections from foreign interference.

The Fight for Election Security Funding

The Mueller report leaves no doubt: Russia interfered in our democracy to sway the election for Trump. The report details a sophisticated campaign by Russian intelligence agents to hack state boards of elections, infiltrate private election equipment companies, and access the personal information of American voters. We remain highly vulnerable to foreign election interference. That’s why the House of Representatives recently passed a 2020 appropriations bill that allocates $600 million for states to enhance election security — now we need the Senate to do the same. Read more about the fight for election security funding and what you can do to add your voice:

Advocating for Campaign Finance Reform in NY

This year, the Stand Up America community was one of the loudest voices demanding that the New York state legislature pass bold campaign finance reform. In response, the legislature established a commission tasked with making binding recommendations on campaign finance reform, including a voluntary small-dollar matching system. This system would elevate the voices of everyday voters by matching small dollar campaign contributions with public funds.

The commission members have the power to enact historic legislation that will reduce the influence of big money in New York politics and could create a model for the nation — but only if we pressure them to do so. We’re urging them to recommend a voluntary 6-to-1 small dollar matching system and lower campaign contribution limits for all candidates.

If you’re a New Yorker, use this tool to email the members of the commission and let them know they must recommend these critical campaign finance reforms. Make your voice heard:

Restoring the Voting Rights Act

We are part of the coalition organizing in support of HR4, a bill recently introduced by House Democrats that would restore the 1965 Voting Rights Act and serve as a safeguard against state-level voter suppression. HR4 would counteract the rise in voter discrimination in the wake of the devastating Shelby County v. Holder Supreme Court ruling. Read more about the bill and how to support this fight:

Supporting HR1: The For the People Act

Earlier this year, Stand Up America organized in support of HR1 — a sweeping reform package of critical campaign finance, ethics, and voting rights reforms that has already passed in the House of Representatives. We drove thousands of calls, tweets, and emails that conveyed to Congress how urgently we need these changes. 

With Mitch McConnell now blocking the bill in the Senate, HR1 is unlikely to pass in the near future. That’s why we’re also mobilizing at the state-level to make immediate progress and build momentum for national reform. This year in New York state, we drove over 5,000 grassroots calls in support of bold campaign finance reform that would elevate the voices of working families and automatic voter registration, which would add over a million new voters to the rolls. 

We’ll be organizing in additional states soon. If you’re committed to strengthening our democracy, add your name and we’ll be in touch when your voice is needed:

Next Issue

Demanding Impeachment

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We now know that Trump used military aid to pressure Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 election by smearing Joe Biden. Then Trump and his team orchestrated a massive cover-up to hide the evidence of his wrongdoing. Nobody is above the law. If anyone else engaged in this criminal behavior, they’d be headed to prison. Congress must swiftly draft articles of impeachment and vote to impeach Donald Trump.