What we’re fighting for

House Democrats put forward a sweeping reform package — HR1 — that cracks down on corruption, protects our right to vote, and reduces the influence of corporate money in politics. HR1 includes:

  • Campaign finance reforms that would provide greater transparency and amplify the voices of voters through a small-dollar matching system.
  • Ethics reforms that would require presidents to release their tax returns, increase oversight of lobbyists and foreign agents, and close the revolving door between government and big corporations.
  • Voting rights reforms that would revitalize the Voting Rights Act, enact automatic voter registration, and put an end to partisan gerrymandering.

Call your representative and tell them to pass HR1!

Next Issue

Protecting the Trump Investigations

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Release Mueller’s report!

There’s bipartisan legislation in Congress that would stop Trump and his attorney general from burying Mueller’s findings. Add your name right now in support of this critical bill.