October 6, 2021 Press Releases

Three Years After Kavanaugh’s Confirmation to SCOTUS, Congress Must Restore Balance and Integrity to Nation’s Highest Court

The court’s conservative supermajority has eviscerated the Voting Rights Act, given its blessing to partisan gerrymandering, and used its ‘shadow docket to threaten long-standing precedents like Roe v. Wade. Congress has no choice: they must rebalance and restore integrity to the nation’s highest court. Congressional Democrats must pass the Judiciary Act to add four seats to the court—unless they do so, the American people will continue to watch a small group of Republican political operatives drive the Supreme Court and our system of checks and balances off a cliff.

September 29, 2021 Press Releases

Unrig the Courts Coalition Sends Letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Ahead of ‘Shadow Docket’ Hearing; Demands Additional Hearing on Expansion

Today, the Unrig the Courts Coalition sent a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Subcommittee Chair Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) ahead of today’s hearing on the Supreme Court’s ‘shadow docket,’ calling on the committee to hold an additional hearing as soon as possible about Supreme Court expansion. The letter thanks the senators and the Judiciary Committee for holding a hearing on the shadow docket, a secretive process that allows the court to issue major rulings on critical issues without even having to sign their names to their decisions. But the letter emphasizes that reforming the shadow docket and increasing transparency within the courts is not enough.


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