October 8, 2021 Press Releases

Trump Received Millions from Foreign Governments While President—Congress Must Prevent Future Presidents from Repeating His Unconstitutional Corruption

There is no doubt that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Trump’s abuses of power and foreign entanglements. We must demand more from the President of the United States. Congress should swiftly pass the Protecting Our Democracy Act to codify the Constitution’s ban on emoluments and ensure that future presidents put the American people first.

October 6, 2021 Press Releases

Senate Democrats Must Pass John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act—By Whatever Means Necessary

We are at a crossroads for American democracy. Republicans across the country are trying to roll back decades of hard-earned progress in the fight to protect access to the ballot box for all Americans. We cannot let that happen. Far too many Americans have given their blood, their sweat, and even their lives to protect the precious right to vote. Senate Democrats must take up the mantle and pass the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act—by whatever means necessary.


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