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Citizens United: 10 Years Later

A decade has passed since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling that opened the door to unlimited corporate money and unrestricted outside spending in our elections. By now, the problem is all too familiar. We have seen an explosion of political spending fueled by a small and wealthy elite.

We Need the National Popular Vote

The power to choose the president should rest in the hands of voters in all 50 states -- not just a handful of “battleground” states. That’s why we’re organizing for a National Popular Vote system that honors the will of the majority & ensures whoever wins the most votes wins the presidency.

The Fight For Trump’s Taxes

Every elected president since Nixon has released their tax returns to the American public. Trump’s refusal to release his taxes -- even in the face of a Congressional subpoena -- is just another example of his refusal to comply with the rule of law and norms of government transparency.


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