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Our Story

Together, we’re growing stronger by the day.

Stand Up America began in the weeks after the 2016 election, when hundreds of thousands of concerned Americans came together online to organize and resist Trump’s agenda. Our community has quickly grown to over a million Americans, across all 50 states, who are taking action and making their voices heard.

We’ve made tens of thousands of phone calls to Congress to stand up to Trump’s corruption and to protect our health care, our environment, and our constitutional rights. And we’ve reached millions of our fellow Americans on social media to expose the truth about Trump and his dangerous agenda.

We’re committed to providing you with the information you need to take impactful action and make your voice heard. The fight ahead won’t be easy, but we’re proud to be standing shoulder to shoulder with you.

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Our Team

Fighting for you and our progressive values.

The Stand Up America community is supported by a team of campaigners and activists who are working around the clock to resist Trump’s dangerous agenda. We’re passionate about standing up to corruption and fighting for the progressive values that make our country great.

Jessica Adair, Partnerships Director

An advocate for progressive causes, such as health care access and campaign finance reform. Jessica was Political Director of End Citizens United and most recently served as Women’s Vote Director for Hillary Clinton’s campaign in Nevada.

Sean Eldridge, Founder and President

A progressive activist and leader in the fights for LGBT equality and campaign finance reform. Sean was a Democratic and Working Families Party candidate for Congress in 2014 and previously served as Political Director of Freedom to Marry.

D.J. Koessler, Digital Director

A veteran digital organizer dedicated to doing the most good. D.J. wrote copy and developed campaigns at firms like Blue State Digital before proudly serving on Hillary Clinton’s digital team in Brooklyn.

Sean Quinn, Digital Strategist

A digital organizer committed to connecting progressive activists with impactful actions. Sean previously served on the production team at Anne Lewis Strategies for the 2014 and 2016 election cycles.

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